Zoo was established in Taiwan in year 2003 founded by Blythe it compares the quirky and colorful apparel collections of her brand to an amusement park- bright pleasant and fun. The collection simply implies that the brand is for the females of the younger generation. The clothes range from the free-flowing casual tops to the hippest short skirts.

Designed for the girly girl, ZOO features easy mix-and-match separtes in its main collections called Party Gorgeous, Pink Style and Pretty Sweet Classical, all adhering to the Asian definition of frilly feminity.

The Brand is not merely restricted to tops and short skirts, as it also offers hats & scarves and jumpsuits both of which go greatly with the colorful apparel collection.

You can purchase Blythe Zoo clothing from YesStyle’s exclusive store, which also happens to have sales all the time.

Here are some of the hottest and most recent releases from Blythe Zoo: