Vivicam: A New Line of Clothes and Accessories from China

A weird sounding name for a clothing line, Vivicam might be mistaken for a brand of digital camera or camcorder, or a recently released techie gadget in the market. Weird as the name may sound, Vivicam is a clothing brand from China, and is now beginning to enter the online shopper’s list of “must-have” items.

Vivicam boasts of its unique and wide variety of designs that will definitely suit the consumers’ individual fashion sense. Comfortable, chic and very feminine — these are the styles of Vivicam. Its beautiful ensemble consists of chiffon dresses, sexy halter tops, denim shorts, casual T-shirts, sexy shorts and trendy jackets, making Vivicam a very versatile brand – clothes that can be worn in all occasions and seasons.

Aside from versatility and distinct designs, Vivicam’s price tag fit the budget of price conscious shoppers. Vivicam’s manufacturers made it sure that the consumers’ get their money’s worth—best buys at almost half the price of other brands in the market. Thus, it is no surprise for Vivicam to become the most sought after brand in the online shopping arena.

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