It is no doubt one of the weirdest looking devices Japan has to offer, but the Pupeko Anti-Aging Mouthpiece is a colorful and bizarre way to help tighten and strengthen your jaw muscles and cheeks. In the end, you’ll be given a more youthful look without the need for expensive plastic surgery.

Developed by Chikako Kirama, an ordinary housewife, the device works by inserting the device into your mouth and gently sucking in and puffing out your cheeks. It comes in pink or yellow and only requires 10-20 minutes of use per day. It also contains an “aroma” spot for aroma therapy, though the aromas aren’t included.

The Pupeko Anti-Aging Mouthpiece features:

Recommended routine: 10-20 breathing exercises per session
Color: yellow or pink
Includes two mouthpieces (same color)
Materials: polypropylene etc
Includes “aroma spot” for extra therapy (aromas not included)
Made in Japan