A new clothing line is invading the fashion scene by storm. Laid back yet stylish, casual yet elegant, a mixture of spunk and femininity.

puffy-01These words epitomize the style of the Taiwanese clothing brand, PUFFY. Established in 2003, the clothing line may be considered a neophyte in the world of fashion, yet it is slowly creating a niche of its own.

Since little is written about PUFFY’s beginnings, the identity of its founders and designers remains a mystery. Despite that, a number of followers have already written good reviews about the clothing brand.

PUFFY’s style is a fusion of comfort, style and practicality. In our current financial situation where consumers are reluctant to splurge, PUFFY merchandise is reasonably priced given its quality and unique designs.

As if the brains behind PUFFY clothing line know their patrons by heart, they see to it that they cater to almost all the needs of the female consumers.

Their line offers a wide variety of accessories, tank tops, dresses, blouses, skirts and yes, they even offer sexy bikinis, perfect for those who love to bask under the summer heat of the sun.

Unlike other clothing lines that have already graced the pages of a number of fashion magazines, PUFFY is yet to create a name resonant enough to merit such a privilege or for celebrities to be caught wearing a PUFFY ensemble. But due to its distinctive designs and “within the budget” prices, PUFFY is slowly becoming a favorite of most online shopaholics.


PUFFY merchandise can be purchased online through http://www.yesstyle.com.

PUFFY, despite being new in the market, with its distinct design, variety of style and affordability is slowly creating its name in the international fashion business.