Japan probably has one of the most interesting cultures of any country in the world. And when it comes to snacks, you can bet they have something for everyone.

However, many people never get the chance to try some of Japan’s best treats. So we decided to put together a list of some of Japan’s coolest snacks and treats, which are available on Amazon, and thus can be shipped right to your home.

1) The Snack Packs

Don’t know what to try and are not that particular? Maybe you have a party coming up and want to have some cool treats as a conversation piece? Well, Amazon has a number of snack collection packs, which you can pick up quickly.

Japanese Classic Candy, Cookies and Snack Japanese Cookies (20 pack)

Popular Great Taste Japanese Snacks (14 packs)

Japanese Snack Variety Gift Boxset

Ramune Japanese Soft Drink Mix Variety — 6 Flavors, 6 Bottles

2) The Individual Snacks

For those who really know exactly what they want, or for the really interesting ones we found that don’t appear to be in any of the packs.

Tenkei — Japanese Pudding Marshmallow Candies with Creamy Pudding Filling

Wel-Pac — Saki Ika Regular (dried squid)

Japanese KitKat — Maccha Green Tea Bag

3)The Individual Drinks

Japan has some crazy drinks, and in just about every flavor you can imagine. Take the famous Ramune, which you start first by breaking the marble suspended at the top, dropping it into the drink, giving it all the fizz it is famous for.

Ramune Japanese Soft Drink, Original Flavor

*If you go to the bottom of the Amazon page, there’s also a ton of other flavors of Ramune available.

Calpis (often joked on by calling it “Cow Piss”) Calpico Water

Pocari Sweat Ion Water (The Gatorade of Japan)