One of Tokyo’s most fashion forward districts, Ageha@Shibuya fashion spread like wildfire to Europe and the West. It has been described as “devilishly cute” and its appeal is mostly to young women who simply aren’t satisfied with just cute or just elegant, or just anything.

Shibuya is famous for its five-way crosswalk, its vibrant nightlife, and for showcasing the latest in pop culture. ageha@shibuya’s collection brings you the most hip and happening styles straight from the heart of Tokyo’s fashion hub Shibuya.

Perfect for avid trend followers and young girls who love to stand out, the brand’s street style collection features the latest pieces from the district at affordable prices. Pull on any piece from the collection and you’re instantly the hottest news in town.

You can purchase Ageha@Shibuya clothing from YesStyle’s exclusive store, which also happens to have sales all the time.