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Weird Asia News Advertising Options:

We offer both banner and text advertising in the way of CPM or Monthly ad spot buys.

Banners – We currently have 2 banner options, but are always open to custom solutions to meet your advertising needs. Please review the image and details below for the various ad spots available.

  • 1 – Leaderboard – 728×90 ($1.00 CPM or $500 monthly)
  • 2 & 3 – Rectangle – 300×250 ($1.00  CPM or $500 monthly per spot)
  • 4, 5, & 6 – Rectangle – 300×250 ($.75 CPM or $300 monthly per spot)

All banners display on every pageview of the site, unless specifically requested otherwise.

Text – We also offer advertising through a sponsored text link. Sponsored links will appear in the ‘Sponsored Links” sidebar box. It is not currently live on the site, but will be implemented shortly.

All sponsored links are $150 per link, per month.

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