Kim Jong-un isn’t messing around. The tiny tyrant continues missile testing, including firing an ICBM, and talking about using nuclear weapons. Russia, China, and the United States all remain frustrated with the hermit kingdom. Donald Trump even vowed that America’s patience with North Korea is at an end. So, with the world seemingly turning against him, Kim is now turning his attention to his oldest enemy. In particular, he wants the head of disgraced former President Park Geun-hye and he’s sending his soldiers to karate chop it off.

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For the last two years, North Korea’s leader has carried a grudge. Recently, he aired his vendetta through news stories and videos released by Korean Central Television, the hermit kingdom’s propaganda station. Kim Jong-un claims there is evidence that then-President Geun-hye plotted an assassination attempt against the leader of North Korea two years ago. Additionally, the story argues that the president wanted Kim’s death to look like a car or train accident. In Kim’s mind, to die in such a way would lessen the prestige of his illustrious family. Seriously, this is the same family whose members don’t poop and learn to drive at age three. Yet, according to the consensus view around the world, Kim had no problem killing his half-brother, Kim Jong-Nam, in a weird assassination involving prostitutes and wash clothes.

As with many of Kim Jong-un’s claims, South Korea denied any fault and highlighted the dictator’s flaws. While perhaps expected, this was not North Korea’s desired response. To show they mean business, KCNA, the state’s news agency, began broadcasting a new video. Titled “North Korean army ready to cut the head off Park Geun-hye,” the clip shows the outraged citizens in the north. With narration by Kim Chol, a faculty member at the Law Institute, the video explains their purported outrage: “There is no place for devilish homicides to be safe under the sky, as they dare challenge the supreme leadership, the life and soul of our people.”

Footage in the video shows the prowess of North Korea’s military to back up the narration. A field full of green-uniformed soldiers kick and punch in unison. Additionally, footage shows troops smashing bricks and stone blocks with their faces, hands, and feet. Finally, the video concludes with soldiers firing machine guns at distant targets. Despite the continued tantrum of Kim Jong-un, South Korea maintains it didn’t plot an assassination of the leader to the north. However, after the political scandal surrounding former President Geun-hye, South Korea might be happy to see her disappear.

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