Cheng Hsiao-ming started 2017 in the unemployment line. The former high school principal expected smooth sailing this year with retirement on the horizon. Unfortunately, for him and the world, 2016 ended with a thud. Once in charge of a large educational institution in Taiwan, Cheng resigned in shame after students at his high school held an end-of-the-year parade. The theme, you ask? Nazis.

Taiwan High School Nazi Parade

In his letter apologizing to the world, Hsiao-ming explained that the students of Kuang Fu High School in Hsinchu know better. In this situation, they simply exhibited a lapse in judgment. He stressed that the students’ teacher, Liu Hsi-chen, suggested they go with an Arabic parade theme. However, the students wanted a theme that allowed them to wear their black school uniforms. After that decision, of course, the only choice was Nazis. The teacher had the option to veto this decision, but did not.

Taiwan High School Nazi Parade

As students’ put together their cosplay parade, they created red arm bans with swastikas.  They supplemented these uniforms with the Reichsadler, the imperial eagle banner, prominently featured in World War II. The icing on the cake was a student, dressed as Adolf Hitler, standing in a cardboard tank. As fellow students marched passed, he presented them with the Nazi salute and shouted ‘Sieg Heil.’

Schindler's List Movie Poster

The incident, on its own, showed a glaring lack of oversight. However, the fact that the school produced flyers with pictures of the parade shows complete stupidity. Yet, during his resignation, the former principal announced a series of outreach efforts that all students will go through in the coming weeks. These measures include showing the films Life is Beautiful and Schindler’s List. Presentations by representatives of the Israel Economic and Culture Office will also take place.

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