If you’ve never used a squat toilet before, this story will not suddenly make you want to start. In the privacy of his own home, a 38-year-old Thai man found himself on the wrong end of a python’s bite. Caught completely off guard, this story could have turned out much worse. We are happy to report, however, that both man and snake survived the encounter, although one of them won’t be having sex anytime soon.

Attaporn Boonmakchuay, a father of three and resident of Chachoengsao Province, located to the east of Bangkok, began his day like so many individuals: he went to the bathroom. About ten seconds after he squatted over the toilet, pain engulfed his body. To his horror, he looked down and saw that a python had sprung out of the drain and latched onto his penis. As he screamed in pain, he worked to free himself from the serpent’s jaws. His struggle lasted for over thirty minutes. It took the assistance of his wife and neighbor tying a rope around the reptile before Attaporn succeeded in prying open the python’s mouth. He passed out moments later.

Emergency medical responders were able to rush Boonmakchuay to a hospital. Despite losing a lot of blood, doctors were able to stabilize his condition. Dr. Chutima Pincharoen was able to stitch the wounded man’s member back together. There is not expected to be any long term damage. As for the 10-foot python, it was still stuck in the squat toilet when the emergency crew arrived. They were forced to dismantle the toilet in order to remove the snake. It was taken to a nearby animal preserve and released into the wild. One of the emergency workers, a man named Tapo, noted that he had encountered many snakes stuck in toilets during his six years on the job in Thailand. However, what made this incident so bizarre was that rather than biting the legs or butt, which are the common locations, this python decided to go after Attaporn’s one-eyed snake.



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