A while back, we talked about the chocolate French fries that McDonald’s Japan introduced to their menu. They were met with mixed reviews, as the flavor, and look, was not very appetizing. Today, however, news broke that patrons of Japan’s McDonald’s will have a chance to super, super size the famed Big Mac.

Giga Big Mac

The McDonald’s concept of ‘super size me’ generated a wide array of responses, most notably a documentary by Morgan Spurlock. The latest menu item, the Giga Big Mac, is bound to generate both groans and a great deal of curiosity. For those of you keeping track at home, it is not one billion times larger than a regular Big Mac. It does have 2.8 times the meat though. Plus, all the buns, lettuce, pickles, onions, cheese, and special sauce you’ve come to expect. Also, since no one wants just a burger, even one designed for diners seeking ‘a satisfied sense of accomplishment,’ McDonald’s is rolling out ‘grand-sized’ soft drinks and French fries to complete the Giga Bite Combo. No word on the exact size of those sides, but they are larger than the current offerings from McDonald’s.

Giga Fries and Drink

If the thought of 2.8 times as much meat as a standard Big Mac does not appeal to you, that’s okay. McDonald’s still has you covered with another new large item. The Grand Big Mac features 30 percent more meat than the regular Big Mac. Unfortunately, there are no special-sized fries and a drink to pair with this new sandwich. However, this tasty creation only costs $4.60. That’s less than half of the Giga Big Mac’s $9.90 price tag.

Grand Big Mac

With prices that low and the beef stacked so high, McDonald’s Japan has announced that these menu items are for a limited time only. Both burgers go on sale April 6 and will be gone by the start of May. In order to not run out of beef, there are restrictions on how many burgers each restaurant location can sell per day.  That means you need to get there early in the afternoon. While you’re there, you might also consider a Nanoblock (knockoff LEGO) set depicting the limited edition menu item. Bon appetite.

Nanoblock McDonald's Value Meal Combo


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