The name of the item says it all: Men’s Delusion Curry. This is the latest product offered by Village Vanguard, a novelty book shop, located in Tokyo. A 2014 study of Japanese single men concluded that, more than anything, they sought a girlfriend who would cook for them. The food item at the top of that list was curry. With market research like that, one doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to come up with the idea for a way to scratch two itches at once. Hence, the birth of an orange-flavored instant curry that just so happens to come with a DVD of a sexy Japanese model who will pretend to be your girlfriend.

Delusion Curry DVD Cover

The featured actress is this DVD is Mao Harada, nicknamed Haradan, a 27-year-old gravure model. If you’re unfamiliar with gravure, it is basically softcore porn, showing beautiful women running around in bikinis. In the case of Haradan, part of her fame is, no doubt, associated with the t-shirts she sells, which feature her breasts and cleavage being exposed. But with Delusion Curry, she’s found a whole new audience. Although most famous in Tokyo, she’s actually from Matsuyama, the capital city of Ehime Prefecture, which is famous for growing mandarin oranges. Now you see why her DVD comes bundled with orange-flavored curry, which otherwise is rare in Japan.

Haradan gravure

We imagine the marketing discussion for the DVD went something like this. After the lonely, delusional man makes his purchase, he heads home and prepares the instant curry. In the short amount of time that takes, he is able to pop the disc into the DVD player and settle in front of the screen with his meal. Now, before he can dig in, he needs to decide what type of Japanese girlfriend is he in the mood to eat with. His options are as follows: 1. Haradan Made a Home Cooked Meal; 2. The Younger Girlfriend; 3. The Older Girl Who Lives Next Door and Is Sorta Risqué. Suffice it to say, the guy is probably going to be watching all three of those chapters on the DVD each and every time.

Haradan with DVD

Something like this seems more appropriate for South Korea, where people pay to watch someone online eat a lot of food. Nevertheless, the existence of this product highlights the rapidly declining population in Japan and why the Japanese government created a census video featuring J-pop girls aimed at getting citizens to have more sex.

Delusion Curry

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