Childhood fantasies do come true! The iconic Hasbro brand, My Little Pony, has partnered with a leading restaurant in the Tokyo neighborhood of Harajuku to create a new My Little Pony-themed café. Now diners have the opportunity to gorge themselves on delicious food, especially pancakes, while also soaking up the multi-hued pastel-colored walls, full of drawings and images of My Little Pony characters.


The idea for the café emerged from talks between a local club, Umajo, which grew out of the Japanese Racing Association, and the Sunday Jam restaurant. Both were interested in creating some additional buzz in the community and from the four-hour long wait times on the weekends, I think they have been quite successful. Did I mention that while you’re waiting for a table you can go and pet a real life pony outside and pose with a gigantic purple My Little Pony?

My Little Pony Cafe mascot and real pony

Whether you’re a member of the Bronies, adult men who love the show, a Pegasister, an adult woman who loves the show or just a casual fan who is looking for a good meal and a good story, the My Little Pony Café has you covered. If you have a sweet tooth, I highly recommend the Marshmallow banana chocolate pancakes. Best part, besides the delicious taste, is that they cost less than $11. Make sure to dig into that meal with a My Little Pony fork! Other menu options include a Milky Rainbow Parfait and a My Little Pony Latte, complete with latte art of the brand’s logo, and a biscuit with three My Little Pony characters in mid-prance.

My Little Pony Cafe Mural My Little Pony Cafe

As spectacular and strange as this café is, it is only a limited time offering. If you want to visit, make sure you get to Tokyo before 29 November. At that point, the Sunday Jam will abandon its magic, colorful artwork, and ponies as it leaves behind Dream Valley and becomes just another restaurant in Japan’s capital city.

My Little Pony Cafe Marshmallow Chocolate Banana Pancake

My Little Pony Cafe table

My Little Pony Lattes and biscuits



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