I remember when I was a kid, my schoolmates would flick my ears in the middle of class, I would turn around to hit them, and then I would get yelled at by the teacher. One of my teachers even called me Dumbo, my ears were so large. As traumatic as such experiences can be, a new website gives you the chance to participate in some flicking of your own, only this time instead of the recipient being a gawky pre-teen, you’ll be flicking a beautiful woman. And while she’s a bit hesitant and skittish about the upcoming flick, she’s more than happy to participate.

Young woman before flicking

Welcome to the weird world of dekopin. If you’re not familiar with the phrase, it is Japanese and translates, roughly, to forehead flick. This is a typical way of reprimanding someone for a foolish or inconsiderate action. What makes the new website, known as Dekopin Bijo, which translates to ‘flick a beautiful girl in the forehead,’ so unusual is that it serves no real purpose. There is no mass marketing campaign associated with the website. It simply lets you choose among four young, attractive Japanese women, and then provides you the chance to click on their forehead. Depending on which ‘model’ you select, the response differs slightly.

Young woman right before flicking

Regardless of which woman you select, as you place your cursor over her forehead, she closes her eyes and squirms, awaiting the inevitable click of the mouse and flick of the electronic finger. Some of the women smirk afterwards, while others make a slight groan. If nothing else, and there really is nothing else, the website serves as a nice outlet for your aggression if you find yourself in a situation where you want to admonish someone for their stupidity in real life, but you can’t actually flick them. Just how many Japanese must wish to hand out such a punishment in real life, but are limited from doing so, is evidenced by the over four million users the website has received since going online a little over a week ago. Happy flicking.

Young woman after flicking

All four women to choose from

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Steve Pame

Steve Pame

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