Marriage rates around the world have been in flux lately. Usually the United States’ statistics are trotted out as a sign of just how dire the situation has become, with over fifty percent of all marriage ending in divorce. To counteract this depressing figure, the success of arranged marriages in India, where the divorce rate is slightly over one percent, is pointed to as a sign that more countries should adopt such an arrangement. Granted, that total is a bit misleading as it doesn’t include people like the Indian man who tried to divorced his wife for making him wear a condom. And then there are stories like this one, where an Indian bridegroom in an arranged marriage demanded that his soon-to-be-wife send him nude selfies before the wedding. His frequent requests for these nude photographs eventually landed him in jail.

Indian bride and blurred selfie photo

The whole situation began when Jithendra Ramakrishna, a 33-year-old engineer from Thane in Maharashtra, couldn’t wait to see his new bride in the buff. At first he tried being charming and sweet as he texted with his loving fiancée that he had been dreaming about their wedding night. At first she was flattered, but as the days and weeks continued, Jithendra’s flirty comments soon took a much darker and sinister tone. Kind requests for the sexy images were soon replaced by annoying and pestering messages, which eventually gave way to outright demands. Time and again his bride of the future said no.

Nude selfie representation

Finally, Ramakrishna pulled out the big guns. If his fiancée did not send him nude photos, he was going to call off the entire wedding. While this prospect shocked the family of the woman, they soon realized that this was a blessing in disguise. As part of his effort to browbeat the woman into submission, the groom-to-be also demanded a dowry of over $4,500. At this point, the lonely man’s desire for pornographic images of the woman caused him to go too far. Accordingly, his now ex-fiancée’s family went to the police and informed officers about the threatened extortion via the dowry. This is in violation of the Dowry Prohibition Act of 1961. As a result, Ramakrishna was arrested and he is now facing up to five years in prison. I bet while he’s sitting in jail he’ll be wishing even more that he’d gotten some nude photos from his fiancée. I’m sure that will provide Jithendra some comfort after he’s become spank bank material for his cellmate.

Indian money as dowry

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