In this week’s edition of ‘Weird Things People Do When Angry’ we have another contestant from China. While last week’s entry involved a naked couple wrestling in the street, today’s entry is considerably more bizarre and violent. Married folks always find things to argue about. Sometimes the best thing to do is walk away before the situation gets worse. In the case of an unidentified 53-year-old man, he took too long to walk away to cool off. By the time he did disappear, he had already bitten off his wife’s nose.

Yang with bandages where her nose was bitten off

Ms. Yang, a 44-year-old woman from the Shandong province in China, knew that she and her husband had a tumultuous relationship. In fact, they had recently begun divorce proceedings, although that does not appear to be the reason for the attack. Instead, the incident surrounds a phone call at two in the morning that Yang did not pick up. Her soon-to-be ex-husband had a history of calling, even though the two had separated, but Yang saw no reason to pick up the telephone at such a late hour. She was especially tired after having just completed a double shift at the factory where she works.

Woman missing nose on her way to see specialist doctors

The following morning, in the middle of the factory and surrounded by her coworkers, Yang’s husband appeared and confronted her. He proceeded to slam her head into the wall while shouting at her about why she did not pick up his call the previous night. Suddenly, he lunged at her face and bit off nearly her entire nose. Where the story takes an even weirder turn is that rather than spit it out, the husband swallowed it whole as he ran out of the factory; Yang’s coworkers were too dumbstruck by what they’d just seen to detain him.

Close up image of woman whose nose was bitten off

She was rushed to the hospital where doctors were stunned at the devastation done to her face. The nasal septum, nose tip, and the soft triangle were all missing. A medical team has already begun the process of rebuilding Yang’s nose, but are uncertain about the level of success to expect. The process will take over three months and even after that phase of her recovery, she will still need additional plastic surgeries.

Surgeons work to restore Yang's nose

While police continue to hunt for her husband, additional details have emerged of the couple’s crazy marriage. Both she and her spouse had been divorcees when they met and he had two adult children from his previous marriage. A year after their marriage, Yang and her new husband had a child of their own, which appears to be when things started to go amiss. The insane man demanded that Yang sell their son so that she could pay more attention to his grandchildren. She refused, separated from him, and began divorce proceedings. All of that took place about five months before he went insane and bit off his wife’s nose over a missed phone call.

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