Just in case you missed it, Japan is facing one of the worst population crises of any nation on Earth. They have a population that is rapidly aging and the senior citizen population is over 26%. Extreme measures have been taken to change this trend, including a census video that encourages people to have more sex. While it is too early to know whether or not the government’s video advertising effort will be successful, there is no time like the present to educate people about half of the baby making process.

To that end, a strange toy-like viewer has been making the rounds in the country. Combing subjects that will certainly appeal to a Japanese audience, mainly science and pornography, this viewer allows people, in particular little boys, to learn just what happens when they squirt out a load. The process is pretty self-explanatory, although since this appears to be marketed toward children, maybe they need the step-by-step guidance. First, you take the plastic ring off the viewer. Next, you put one of the plastic viewing cups inside the ring.

Step three involves finding something exciting, so no doubt knowing the market, school girl uniforms and used underwear will be involved. Then you remove the plastic ring and viewing cup from the straw (it is included!) and pop it back into the viewer. Now you just need to find a bright light source and take a good long gander. With the amazing transparency of the viewing cup, coupled with its magnification qualities, you can see all the little tadpoles swimming around. Although it isn’t listed, if you’re going to lie on your back with the viewer held above your head, make sure that it is sealed up tight. Finally, rinse and repeat.

All of this can be yours for only $4.50. That’s a steal.

Japanese sperm viewer

Steve Pame

Steve Pame

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