China is in the midst of a large celebration to mark the 70 year anniversary of the end of World War II. While most attention has centered on the September 3 military parade that is being patrolled by falcons and monkeys, the Shanghai-based Iceason is trying its best to steal some of the spotlight. In an effort to make the celebrations more active, the company has produced 3D-printed ice cream treats bearing the image of General Hideki Tojo. Tojo was the prime minister in Japan for most of the war and after World War II, was executed for war crimes.

General Tojo 3D-printed ice cream next to ad for the ice cream

Iceason is a major brand of the state-owned Bright Foods, and this is not the company’s first effort to use ice cream as an artistic medium. The homepage for the company features one earlier 3D bar featuring the South Korean artist Psy. Even former Apple founder and CEO Steve Jobs was immortalized in vanilla and chocolate goodness a few years ago. In the case of the Tojo treat, however, the business objective isn’t just marketing buzz, but actually a political message.

Psy 3D-printed ice cream side by side with the real Psy

Through an online campaign, Iceason hopes to organize 10,000 customers to all take a bite out of the General Tojo 3D-printed ice cream treats at the same time on September 3. To further remind people of China’s success in what the nation calls the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, the campaign’s slogan is “Never Forget the National Tooth.” This hearkens back to the phrase in Chinese history of “Never Forget the National Humiliation,” a statement used to rally nationalistic sentiments at the start of the twentieth century.


For those interested in purchasing a Tojo ice cream bar, sales will continue through the end of the month. A few individuals in Shanghai have even taken the locally produced frozen treats and begun selling them in Beijing. No word yet on whether or not the goal of having 10,000 people chomp away on the former Japanese military and political leader was successful.

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