Single women in the West Godavari district of India’s Andhra Pradesh state have been cautiously looking behind themselves for the last week. A threat exists for all women walking alone that has been dubbed the ‘syringe psycho’ by the police. Beginning August 22, an unnamed man, said to be a light-skinned 30-year-old, has been speeding up to women as they walk down the sidewalk and jabbing them in the butt with a syringe before he speeds away.


Most of the attacks occur in the early morning hours of the day while the roads are relatively open and it is possible to make a quick escape. As the number of incidents has increased, police have set up check points throughout the area, in particular around Bhimavaram and Palacole, in the hope that they will be able to locate the man. All of the attackers have provided a similar description of the man, but that is not much for authorities to work with. Because the syringe psycho wears a handkerchief over his face, the only part of the composite sketch that is considered reliable is the eyes. This is hardly enough information to sift through the local populace of over 210,000 people.

Composite sketch released by politice of the syringe psycho

As the police search has proved fruitless so far, despite the state government’s urging that this become a top priority, a reward of $1,500 has been offered. Fortunately, all of the blood tests for the women attacked have come back negative for pathogens. The real concern is that the psycho will become more brazen and may start injecting toxins or other harmful substances into the unsuspecting women.

A black Pulsar motorcycle

Hopefully the award and composite sketch will lead to his arrest in the near future. The police have narrowed their search to black Pulsar motorcycles, but they may consider taking a closer look at license plates. Someone this weird may be advertising his intentions on the bike’s tags.

Assman license plate from Seinfeld

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