Good help is so hard to find. That has to have been on the mind of a 29-year-old woman enjoying a meal with her family at a Mr. Hot Pot restaurant in Wenzhou, China. Well, I can’t say that she was enjoying the meal. She was actually pretty upset over the low quality of service she had experienced so far from her 17-year-old waiter. Soon tempers flared that resulted in hospitalization for one participant, with the other arrested by police.

Lin before boiling water was thrown on her

After being seated at the table and placing her order, Ms. Lin proceeded to talk with her family about her latest exploits at work. When her meal of duck and beef arrived, she complained to the waiter, Mr. Zhu, that the hot pot did not have enough water. The 17-year-old responded that she had more than enough water and walked away. This caused the 29-year-old to stand up and start shouting after Zhu as he walked back into the kitchen.

Zhu throwing boiling water on Lin

The situation did not end there as Lin continued to complain loudly to other members of the wait staff, as well as the management, that she needed more water. She even wrote a negative review about the staff online while at the restaurant. Eventually another waiter filled the hot pot enough that Lin and her family settled into their meal. While they were eating, Zhu calmly walked out from the kitchen carrying a plastic bowl of boiling water. As he walked up behind her, he threw the boiling water on Lin, whose screams instantly filled the restaurant as she suffered third degree burns. Clearly caught up in his rage, the waiter grabbed her hair, some of which was found on the ground after the incident, and pulled her out of her chair and onto the floor. Still not done, the young man slammed the female patron’s head against the granite counter before finally kicking her in the face.

Lin in the hospital after boilin water was thrown on her

While Lin lay on the ground, unconscious and in shock, other restaurant guests subdued the waiter and held him until police arrived. It required nine people to restrain Zhu, who was in an extreme fury. He was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. In the meantime, Lin was transported to the hospital. Her condition is stable, but she has already required two skin grafts and doctors are unsure if the vision in her left eye will return.

I’ve heard about weird and dumb arguments at restaurants, but never over something as mundane as the amount of water in a hot pot. Obviously something had been boiling inside of Zhu for some time before he finally snapped at work.

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