Have you ever been homesick? Missing family, friends, or a previous job? If so, you’re not alone. Meet Ken Shimizu, the owner and chef of an Indian restaurant, Curry Shop Shimizu, in Tokyo. Trying to make a splash in the competitive restaurant business in Japan’s capital city, Shimizu decided that his eatery would be the first in the world to serve a curry dish that replicated the taste of human poop.

Chef holding his poop-flavored curry

Alright, first things first. You’re probably wondering ‘How does he, or the customer, know what human feces tastes like?’ This is where we need to return to that concept of homesickness. You see, Ken Shimizu hasn’t always been a chef, but he did play one in movies. As one of Japan’s most popular male adult film stars, Shimizu, who performed under the name Shimiken in over 1,200 movies, came across poop on more than one occasion. And as part of his professional exploits, he came to know how poo tastes.

Poop-flavored curry in a toilet bowl-shaped dish

Flash forward to the present and Shimizu has come up with a flavorful combination that he believes best represents the taste of human turds. By mixing together green tea, cocoa powder, and bitter gourd fruit, the final product has a bit of a kick, while also looking and smelling like your final product after defecation. Just in case the customer is unsure of what Shimizu is going for, the dish comes served on a plate that looks like a toilet bowl. Perhaps he went in with the Poop Café in Seoul and got a discount on platters.

Always a fan of taking a pole poll, the former porn star surveyed 400 potential customers to see what they thought of his culinary creation. While it is no surprise that the vast majority, 85%, of those surveyed decided to pass on the poop-curry, the fact that 15% said they were willing to give it a try is interesting. Maybe they’re eager to earn the commemorative sticker if they’re able to flush an entire bowl of the curry down their throats. Perhaps Shimizu has found a niche demand. Either way, I doubt you’ll need to make a reservation to get in if you’re ever in Tokyo and want to try this dish yourself.

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Steve Pame

Steve Pame

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