Last year we brought you a story about a desk designed for cats that kept them out of your space. Today we have the product that is seemingly the perfect compliment to the CATable. The Norenya Isu cat-proof chair attempts to keep your seat free from any feline intruders whenever you get up to go to the bathroom or grab something out of the fridge. Having an office cat who only loves us for our body heat, we are familiar with this frustrating behavior.

The anti-cat folding back chair

Basically, the chair is designed to limit all possible avenues by which the cat can insert himself/herself onto the main cushion of the seat. There is a folding backrest that you can flip down whenever you get up. This might be fine if you’re going away for a while, but I can’t see myself using it every time I get up.

Drawing of anti-cat chair

Now, you’re reading this and if you have a cat, you’re probably smirking because you know that your cat would just jump on the back of the chair when it is folded down. You are correct, and that’s why the designers at Bauhutte made the non-cushioned side of the backrest angled and textured. Again, I’m not sure how effective this trick would be. To show that cats do not care about comfort, I submit to you for evidence Example A:

Cat sleeping on clothes rack

The Norenya Isu Anti-Cat Chair also has arms that fold up, to prevent perching, and a low profile that allows you to slide the entire thing underneath your desk. This, hopefully, will limit the feline’s accessibility to the small gap that remains, even with the back of the chair folded down as far as it goes. Once again, call me skeptical that this will serve as a deterrent to your creative cat. To demonstrate a cat’s preference for the least accessible option, I submit to you for evidence Example B:

Cat sleeping at weird angle

I think that there are simply some things in this world that modern technology cannot defeat. The ingenuity of the craftiest contortionists in the world, what we call cats, falls onto that list. While you could drop $113 on this weird Norenya Isu Anti-Cat chair, I think you’d be better off spending your money on something else. Maybe a heating pad cushion specifically set aside on a different chair for your cat to curl up on, rather than your body-heated seat or your warm laptop.

Sad cat looking at the anti-cat chair

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