In a way, a new restaurant in Seoul, South Korea is a nice reminder of how life is a cycle. In this particular case, the Ddo-ong Café, which translates to Poop Café, reminds its customers what will ultimately happen to the delicious pastries, treats, and beverages served up at the eatery. To the observant visitor, the Poop Café has a number of subtle and not-so-subtle poop-themed items spread throughout the storefront. Let’s take a walk through the restaurant, shall we.

Poop cafe table and chairs

The patron entering the restaurant can take a load off and grab a seat at…a regular table and chair. I think that this is a missed opportunity for the Ddo-ong Café. Why not have chairs shaped like toilet seats? Oh wait, as you turn to your left, there are some plush cushions that help tie together the ambiance of the restaurant. Make sure that you don’t miss this opportunity to put a poop cushion on your head. Feel free to select one that most closely matches your normal size, texture, and color.

Poop cushions at the Poop Cafe

Now head up to the coffee bar itself. As you’re waiting in line, make sure that you check out the menu and the colorful wall paintings. I think you should go with a coffee, just so you can check out the beautiful poop-themed latte art. Plus, when was the last time that you had your head in a toilet bowl, during the day, while sober? That’s what I thought. Now, in case your coffee mug isn’t shaped like a toilet, rest assured that there is at least some poo-shaped art painted on the outside of the cup.

Poop art on the wall at the poop cafePoop mugs

Feeling a bit peckish? Then make sure you grab a scone. Sure it looks like a pile of turds that the dog just dropped out back, but it tastes delicious. And it sure is better than a dessert actually made from poop. Finish your dessert, savor the last drops of your coffee, and then head back to work where you’ll undoubtedly experience a different kind of poop after all that caffeinated coffee.

Poop latte art coffee cup

The Poop Café is weird, but it is not unique. There are at least three other poop-themed eateries in Seoul, although they didn’t make a big splash when they dropped on the scene.


Steve Pame

Steve Pame

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