We live in a day and age when celebrities are very protective of their image and know how lucrative their representation can be. For instance, Michael Jordan just announced in a legal dispute that the use of his image costs $10 million. And that’s for a flattering image. I can’t imagine how many lawsuits the Huaying Mountain Chinese and Foreign Celebrity Wax Museum in Sichuan, China will receive before they are finally shut down, but so far they have been sued by at least Zhang Ziyi.

When you hear the words ‘wax museum,’ almost everyone thinks of Madame Tussauds, and for good reason. The works displayed there are world-famous and celebrities are often there for the unveiling because it is considered such an honor. The exact opposite is true at the wax museum near the city of Chongqing, China. If there is a Hall of Shame for celebrity waxworks, this is it. The negative publicity has actually motivated more tourists to see just how bad the wax renderings are, and they have not been disappointed…in the badness.

Now I realize that China has a negative reputation for making knockoffs, but the collection at the wax museum might be the most egregious. The curator of the museum, Zhang Shouxiang, has told reporters that while the clothing might not be the most accurate for the wax models, their appearances have been hand-crafted by the finest artists in China. At this point, we can just turn to the photographic evidence to let you decide for yourself.

Jackie Chan wax figure and real Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan is by far the best wax figure.

Jet Li wax museum

At least this lets us see what Jet Li will look like when he’s 80-years-old and living in a Florida retirement community.

Zhang Ziyi wax figure

And here we have one of the four most bankable female celebrities in China, Zhang Ziyi. Can’t imagine why she’s suing the wax museum…

Roger Federer wax museum

Finally, we have Roger Federer. The artist of this wax imitation must have insider knowledge that can help explain why Roger lost to Novak Djokovic at Wimbeldon in July. Federer apparently opened the Ark of the Covenant and is slowly having his flesh melt from his bones…which oddly enough makes him look like Liam Neeson.

So, what do you think? Will you add the weird Huaying Mountain Chinese and Foreign Celebrity Wax Museum to your list of must-see places the next time you’re in China?

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Steve Pame

Steve Pame

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