As if Bangkok, and Thailand as a whole, aren’t dealing with enough at the moment. Diners at a downtown Chinese restaurant in the Thonburi neighborhood received a huge shock as they were settling into a meal when they saw a bunch of emergency vehicles with flashing lights fill the night sky and stop outside the restaurant. Unknown to them, this was not the start of another terror-filled night, unless they suffered from Ophidiophobia: a fear of snakes.

Firefighters holding onto the giant snake

As one of the kitchen staff was taking out the trash, he noticed a large commotion near the dumpster. When he went to investigate the noise, he was stunned to see a gigantic snake among the rubbish. He rushed into the restaurant and called the fire department. Upon arriving at the scene, a spectacle broke out as firefighters pulled the snake away from the restaurant and into the street. The subject of this interest was an Asiatic Reticulated Python. For those of you keeping score at home, these are the longest snakes in the world.

Firefighters holding giant python snake

This python lived up to the hype and did its species proud. After wrapping the head of the snake in fabric, to keep it calm, seventeenth firemen were required to lift the massive reptile. By their estimation, the snake weighed over 330 pounds and a measurement taken at the time shows it was over twenty-six feet long. While pythons rarely attack humans, one this large could pose a serious threat and could suffocate a person to death, although such an event would be unlikely.

Firefighters measuring the giant snake

The fire department relocated the python to a forested area around 45 miles away from Bangkok and released it into the wild. For those customers enjoying the Chinese restaurant’s food that evening, they were given a free dessert for the commotion and went home with quite the story to tell their friends and family.



Steve Pame

Steve Pame

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