Meet 5-year-old Han Jiaying, from Shenyang, China. This little girl discovered that she has a superpower that children all over the world wish they possessed. She can hypnotize animals with her touch and her voice. To demonstrate her skills, she proved it before a live audience on the Amazing Chinese television show.

The girl who hypnotizes animals

Now before we go any further, I want to make clear that she isn’t a warg from Game of Thrones, at least not yet. She cannot command the animals to do anything except sleep and to wake up. But rest assured that she is working diligently to advance her talents so that she’ll eventually be a threat to Ant-Man, the Black Panther, and even Beast from the X-Men.

To showcase the full array of her abilities, Han put to sleep a dog, a lizard, a chicken, a frog, and most impressive in my mind, a bunny. When she finished hypnotizing them, the animals’ limbs were limp. The chicken required a black cloth to cover its eyes, but the fact that it remained motionless even as a studio audience and the judges’ all gasped is impressive.

A hypnotized bunny

Sadly, not everything went according to plan for Han Jiaying. Both the frog and the dog woke up before she commanded them to arise from their slumbers. Impressively though, the 5-year-old maintained her composure and put the two reluctant animals back into their trance. Finally, when she spoke a verbal command and rang a bell, all five animals popped back to life at once. Somewhere, Ivan Pavlov is smiling.

Little girl hypnotizes dog again

The ability to seemingly hypnotize animals is a skill that has to be developed over time. The process, in scientific terms, is known as tonic immobility. By gently, but also firmly holding an animal in your hands and laying it on its side or back, you can illicit a natural reaction in the creature that exists to protect it from predators. The animal temporarily goes limp, hoping that a predator will fail to notice it, and eventually the animal’s muscles regain motion and it goes scampering on its way.

A hypnotized lizard

You now have our permission to go try this on your own pets. Hopefully you have more luck than we did. But then again, our office cat is already pretty lazy and doesn’t move much regardless of whether or not she’s hypnotized.


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