If you’re flying on a budget airline like Cebu Pacific, you’re trying to save money. Everyone knows that. One flight crew working on a chartered plane from the Philippines to China decided to take advantage of the extra cash their passengers had saved. At least one flight attendant, a 32-year-old male, felt that he had done a spectacular job serving drinks, telling people to return to their seats because the seat belt sign was still on, and informing customers that they only had the vegetarian meal left. He concluded that his efforts deserved a sizable tip and proceeded to steal $1250 total from at least three passengers.

Passengers were robbed on a Cebu Pacific flight

The flight between Kalibo and Changsha is only three hours, which means that the flight attendant had to work quickly. It also means that, in all likelihood, he was not working alone. According to one passenger on the plane, as the flight neared completion, a number of people went to check on their passports and personal documents to prepare for customs. Upon searching their bags, three individuals noted that their money was missing and alerted the crew to the theft.

Flight attendant who robbed passengers

In a clear sign of his guilt, upon hearing that passengers had complained about missing money, the male flight attendant suspected of thievery went running down the aisle as if his hair were on fire. He locked himself in the bathroom for a few minutes and then hid in a seat for the remainder of the flight.

Money stolen from passengers

Upon arriving in Changsha, airport police boarded the plane and found part of the missing money in the toilet, while the other half was hidden under some tissues in the bathroom trashcan. Authorities escorted the male flight attendant off the plane and now the entire flight crew is under investigation. While that process is ongoing, they are all banned from flying, but are still receiving their paychecks.

Flight crew that robbed passengers

I guess with that flight crew banned from the sky, passengers now only have to worry about being robbed by baggage fees and airport taxes.

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