It is people like 37-year-old Victor Tang who make it hard for a regular guy to end up with a beautiful woman. The Hong Kong native and employee at Hutchinson Global Communications decided that he needed to do something spectacular to win the hand of his co-worker and girlfriend, Stephanie Cheung, who he had been dating for less than a year. His efforts were successful and witnessed by everyone near Victoria Harbor as he had a banner the size of a basketball court display his marriage proposal.

Marriage proposal on helicopter banner

After only a few months of dating, and learning that Stephanie was shy but hated tradition, Tang devised an extravagant scheme. First, he spent $26,000 on a 1.5-carat diamond for the engagement ring. Then, he rented out a luxury suite at the Ritz-Carlton hotel which overlooked Victoria Harbor. The room cost $3,350 for the day, but money was of no concern to Victor. Next was hiring a helicopter to pull the banner through the restricted airspace over the harbor. Rather than go the ‘traditional’ route of hiring a plane, Tang had to use a helicopter since a plane would not have been legally able to fly close enough to the Ritz-Carlton for the banner to be visible. I find that hard to believe since the banner was bright red, 94 feet by 50 feet in size, and had white letters stating: “I love you! Stephanie BB, will you marry me?” Either way, that banner and helicopter set the soon-to-be-groom back $19,000.

To document the whole marriage proposal, Tang spent an additional $2,000 on a professional video crew. The crew filmed both inside the suite and captured the helicopter’s message from the roof of a neighboring skyscraper. After a tearful few seconds, Stephanie said yes. She couldn’t help but add, however, that she’d been hoping for the marriage proposal months earlier.

In total, Victor Tang spent nearly $52,000 on his marriage proposal. He claimed that he’s “not a rich guy but I control my budget.” From all the other skeptical dudes out there, I’m going to call shenanigans and suggest that there’s something really sketchy about this guy. Either way, thanks for making the rest of us look bad and setting the bar preposterously too high.


Steve Pame

Steve Pame

A part-time graduate student and high school teacher, Steve enjoys just about anything that makes him forget all the student loans he'll never be able to pay back. He enjoys visiting his extended family, spread throughout the world, whenever he has a chance.