Don’t talk back to your elders. You’ve been warned. An unnamed 64-year-old Chinese woman didn’t appreciate it when a 19-year-old woman refused to give up her seat on the subway. The incident occurred in a crowded, but not completely full car on the underground train. Video footage of the incident circulating on the internet shows the elderly woman lashing out at the younger woman and tearing off her shirt and bra in the process.

Two women fighting on a subway car

The two had been sitting in the same subway car in Wuhan, China, for about ten minutes before the incident occurred. The 64-year-old woman had a seat, but wanted the other woman’s seat because it had another open seat next to it. The sexagenarian was carrying a lot of bags with her and wanted to place them on the extra seat, rather than have them piled up on her lap and at her feet. The teenager responded that she shouldn’t have to give up her seat and made a disparaging remark about her elder’s physical appearance.

A woman being stripped during a fight on a Chinese subway

Absorbing the verbal abuse that she was ‘fat and weak,’ the elder of the two combatants decided to show the teenager just how wrong she was. She proceeded to put the young woman in a headlock and tear her shirt and bra most of the way off. At this point, other passengers on the train got involved and tried to separate the two of them. Even with three people trying to pull the elderly woman off the verbally-abusive younger woman, she was still slapped, punched, and spit on. The confrontation continued until the next stop when authorities removed both women from the subway.

No charges were filed, but I assure you that the 19-year-old will think twice before giving one of her elders any more sass.


Jamie Butler

Jamie Butler

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