In the northern Indian city of Colonelganj, a simple disagreement between a 17-year-old male and a chicken escalated into a full-blown community fight. While walking through the central area of town, the boy was bitten by the chicken. The youth responded to the peck by kicking the fowl, which the bird’s owner witnessed. The owner and his father proceeded to beat up the 17-year-old and left him lying in the street.

Upon returning to his part of town, the beaten youth informed his parents of what had transpired. They proceeded to gather a posse from the community and marched to the home of the chicken owner. A verbal spat broke out on the street as the father and son duo claimed that the 17-year-old had damaged their property and that they had a right to retaliate.

The situation became ugly when both parties began throwing rocks. In the ensuing chaos, at least three people were injured and required transportation to a medical facility. The aftermath of the conflict saw an increased security presence in the area and the arrest of the father and son who are now facing assault charges.

Talk about a big beef developing over a few ruffled chicken feathers.

A brown chicken


Steve Pame

Steve Pame

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