In Hong Kong this past March, there was a gathering in which over 450 individuals came together to demonstrate against the influence of China on Hong Kong’s politics. The arrest of 40 people occurred during the protest, including a 30-year-old woman named Ng Lai-ying. As she was escorted from the scene, a photographer captured an image of her bleeding from the nose after being struck in the face by a police officer.

Rather than fading from the news, Ng Lai-ying’s actions drew considerable scrutiny from law enforcement officials as she was charged with assaulting an officer. Nearly five months after being charged, she was finally convicted. What was her weapon of choice in this egregious incident? Well, if you guessed it was a concealed object, you’re halfway right but we doubt you guessed her breast. Yes, that’s right; she assaulted the officer with her breast.

In her testimony, Lai-ying claimed that when the officer went to grab her purse strap, his hand made contract with her left breast. After shouting that she was being indecently assaulted, she was cuffed and arrested. At her sentencing hearing, the judge claimed that she had used her gender to “trump up the allegation” that she had been molested by the law enforcement official and that she was actually the aggressor.

During the court case, no information was given about the severity of the officer’s breast-related injury, but it wouldn’t surprise us if it were nothing more than a boob-boo.




Steve Pame

Steve Pame

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