If you’re looking for an apartment in Heze, China, make sure that you ask to see the roof or, barring that, open a window and take a good, long whiff. Everyone has horror stories about their neighbors, but there is something particularly foul taking place in an apartment building in the coastal province of Shandong.

An unnamed man, with a history of mental illness, has demonstrated a considerable green thumb, although his medium of choice is not your typical pots and planters. Rather, he wandered around town and slowly accumulated a collection of broken toilets which he placed on the top of the building. He proceeded to plant vegetables in the discarded porcelain thrones. This, on its own, might be a bit strange to witness, but the man should receive credit for his unique approach to recycling.

What makes this story so noticeable is that rather than just using dirt to grow the vegetables in the toilets, the man fertilized them with his own feces. After weeks of attempting to resolve the issue through the management company led nowhere, the gardener’s brother has finally been located. He has promised to get his brother the help he needs and to remove all the toilets from the roof. That’s a promise to which people will not turn up their noses.

Toilets used as planters on the roof


Steve Pame

Steve Pame

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