As we all know, Kim Jong-un is king of the fashion world. With his stylish hair and impeccably tailored gray suits, the leader of North Korea has always demonstrated a remarkable ability to turn heads. Now, he is taking his talents to a new height.

In an effort to keep his country relevant in this modern world, Kim has personally undertaken the task of creating new uniforms for female flight attendants on the national carrier, Air Koryo. Gone are the days of the loose-fitting red dress. From here on out, passengers will be able to stare at hip-hugging blue skirts which rise above the knee and help accentuate the flight attendants’ legs. Large high heels round out the ensemble.

No word yet on more substantive changes for Air Koryo. You know, like updating planes that are leftovers from the 1960s or lowering the price of a ticket so that it doesn’t require a worker to save for almost 21 years before they’re able to afford a trip. At least with all the posters of Kim plastered throughout North Korea, the workers stuck on the ground can always appreciate his fancy duds.

North Korea flight attendants in old and new uniforms


(Uniforms side-by-side source)

Steve Pame

Steve Pame

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