Move over Lucille Bluth of Arrested Development, we have a new champion in the worst mother category. A mom in the Chinese city of Yiwu refused to break a window on her BMW after her three-year old son was accidentally locked inside the vehicle. Rather than worry about her child, who spectators could hear crying through the window and above the commotion, the anonymous woman was more concerned with the cost of repairing the broken window. Despite outside temperatures of 32C/89F, the woman placed the price of her car above the price of her child’s life.

As a larger group of spectators gathered around, the fire department arrived on the scene, but the woman refused to allow them near her car. She claimed that a locksmith had been called since he could solve the crisis without damaging the car. Eventually, despite the protests of the mother, firefighters intervened and shattered the rear passenger side window once the young boy collapsed from the heat. The fact that the child fainted should not be surprising, considering that 20 minutes in an automobile with an outside temperature of 32C/89F is equivalent to an internal temperature of 48C/118F.

Social media and news outlets across China and the world have condemned the woman’s lack of humanity for her own child. That “Worst Mother of the Year” award statue will look great on her mantel next to a picture of her favorite motorized scooter and her step-daughter’s urn.

Baby screaming in car


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