When the police folk of Pinghu City in China hang up their boots, they’ll look back at this case with amusement. A security guard in a factory, most likely a poultry farm, stole thousands of eggs and kept them at home for his own consumption.

mr gu

He probably had an egg fetish or maybe a million egg recipes that he wanted to try out. Apparently, this thieving guard did not stop at eggs. He stole what he could and this included soap, meat, detergent, etc.

Things went eggcellently for the thief, Mr. Gu because no one suspected him. After all, who suspects the guard, and that too one who would always unselfishly put his hand up for the night shift.

About the 47 year-old Mr. Gu, the management said, ‘We thought he was a hardworking and dutiful guard who enjoyed working nightshifts because he didn’t have a family to go home to. Now we have found out that he did it so he could roam around and steal without anyone seeing him.’

But then, one night, Gu egghausted his luck and got caught lugging two suitcases out of the factory premises. And that led to a raid to his house.

The fastidious Mr. Gu had written dates on the eggs, ostensibly the eggs would go bad after those dates. He’s probably going to jail. That’s bad, but at least this cholesterol levels will now be in check. That’s good.



Piyush Bakshi

Piyush Bakshi

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