More than half of the world’s swine population can be found in China. And according to an ancient Chinese belief, pigs that dive and swim regularly taste better. Okay, I made this part up about healthy porcine habits. But what’s true is that there are now pig diving competitions and shows being held in China. Apart from amusing tourists, the exercise, according to the pig farmers results in tender and leaner meat.

diving pigs

In fact, if the farmers are to be believed, they actually first tried to take the pigs out for a jog but their dainty trotters just couldn’t take the weight of their bulky bodies.

With respect to getting pigs to dive, Zou Wei, a manager with Tuhe Black Pork, said, “To start with, the pigs don’t like it, but you force one onto the diving platform and it slides down, the others see that and follow.”

The true connoisseurs of the sport of pig diving can head to the Piggy Kingdom Family Amusement Park in Zhejiang Province; yes, it’s for the entire family, and over there you can marvel at the glistening pink bodies of pigs jumping off a platform 39 feet high and into the water with a barely audible splash. But this, not before being “gently” prodded up a ramp and then being made to jump.

According to Yang Shiliu, an expert in pig psychology, some pigs are mentally stronger and don’t need to be prodded. I guess, these champion divers probably taste the best. Now that we’ve seen pigs dive, the day when we see ’em fly may not be far off.


Piyush Bakshi

Piyush Bakshi

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