Suntory, a brewery in Japan, has found a novel way to cash in on the undying female desire for firm and youthful skin. Over thousands of years, apothecaries have sold, to eager women, salves and embrocations containing metals, minerals, fruits, insects, juices and everything that can be powdered and applied to the skin.


This enterprising brewery has combined the pleasures of quaffing beer with the supposed skin regeneration benefits of collagen – a kind of protein found in connective tissue. Collagen is to the skin cream business what goji berry is to health food stores. It sells. Given that the body produces collagen naturally, taking it as a supplement may appear odd.

However, research shows that collagen production in the body slows down after the age of 25. This fact, along with the collagen craze that has been going on in Japan for some time now, doubtless inspired the sharp marketing minds at Suntory.

But then, it’s probably more fun to chug a can or two of this beer called Precious than have collagen injected into your lips and end up with a duck-like pout.

A can of Precious contains two grams of collagen. For the record, beer is not the only consumable in Japan that has collagen added to it. You can also enjoy collagen-flavored marshmallows in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Here’s the official advertisement of the product. Take a look. It features Anne Nakamura and Ken Watanabe.


Piyush Bakshi

Piyush Bakshi

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