In January this year, a video of shocking violence at a daycare center in South Korea had emerged. The surveillance camera captured a boorish teacher lashing out hard at  a toddler; so hard, that the child lost her balance and fell to the ground.

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The whole thing appears grim and sad. Kind of evocative of the dark orphanages that Charles Dickens writes about in his stories. Apparently, the teacher at the daycare blew her fuse at the kid for not being able to swallow the khimchi she was given. The child did not like the taste and spat out the fermented cabbage pickle.

The dastardly deed took place at Incheon, which is an hour’s drive from the capital city – Seoul. Spontaneous protests against the abuse broke out in the region. The police arrested the lady, identified by her last name Yang. The Ministry of Health and Welfare got involved and suspended Yang’s license.

Take a look at the video. These things happen.


Piyush Bakshi

Piyush Bakshi

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