With the absence of color, life is plain and dull. Color, like language, speaks of someone’s feelings, attract attention, and change people’s moods.

A small town of Huija in Taiwan was transformed into a tourist spot after the creative mind of three sisters started the colorful mural craze in their grandmother’s village.

Out of boredom, they painted their grandmother’s house with their favorite characters including Daruma dolls, which are symbol of luck in Japan.


Soon, their neighbors started painting murals on their houses too. Some residents even hired professional artists to do it for them.

From dull grays and blues on old bricks, the village in now filled with colorful murals which attract tourists to come. Now, tourists mostly from Hong Kong and China come to visit every day and take a two-hour walking tour to see all Huija’s murals.

Take a look at some of the village murals.

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