What comes into your mind when you hear the word “Kit Kat”? I’m pretty sure that you will think of a chocolate-covered wafer biscuit bar.

But did you know that in Japan, Kit Kat has more than one flavor? Aside from the regular chocolate flavor, there are other (weird) flavors you can choose from.

Here are the 10 different varieties of Japan’s Kit Kat:

1. Winter Strawberry

winter strawberry

2. Mandarin Orange

mandarin orange

3. Fruit Mix

fruit mix

4. Banana


5. Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar

6. Mango


7. Soy Bean Powder

soy bean powder

8. Caramel Machiatto

caramel macchiato

9. Meat Sandwich


10. Soy Milk Chocolate

soy milk chocolate

If you are to choose what flavor to taste first, what would you choose?