Nowhere in the world does political idolatry reach the bizarre levels that it does in India. Besotted followers often build temples for their favorite politicians.

For some strange reason, these modern-day deities are usually plump actresses past their sell-by date.


A recent case, a twist on this set formula, saw a gentleman by the name of Shihan Hussaini getting himself nailed to a cross, in order to show his loyalty to an ex-chief minister of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

The ex-CM, Jayalalitha, too was an actress of some note in her heyday. She later carved a successful career as a politician.

Of late, though, her political fortunes have taken a nosedive. Apparently, this was the devoted follower’s way of paying obeisance to his mistress on her 67th birthday. The poor guy passed out when the nails were being removed.

He later said, “More than hitting the nails on the hands and legs, taking them out was extremely painful.”


Piyush Bakshi

Piyush Bakshi

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