The new year began on a sorrowful note for a husband from Guangdong, China. Fan Lung, 32, made a mistake not expected from seasoned philanderers, using his wife’s smartphone to send pics to his paramour, failed to log off, and got caught. The wife, 21-year-old Feng Lung, did not take kindly to the issue.

chinese bobbitt

Fan then proceeded to live up the old adage about hell and scorned women, or whatever its Chinese equivalent is. Feng Lung in response did a Lorena Bobbitt job on her man.

Waiting till her husband had gone to sleep, Feng cut off his penis with scissors. Fan Lung, who likely went from sweet dreams to waking up in a living nightmare was rushed to a local hospital. After extensive surgery, doctors managed to sew the piece back on.

And that for all concerned was the end of the matter. But not for the jilted wife. She later snuck in to the hospital and chopped off the sleeping man’s offending organ a second time, flinging the severed one-eyed monster out the room’s window, and tried to make a getaway on foot.

However, her injured and naked husband caught up with her and assaulted her before hospital authorities separated the two.

A thorough search for the organ failed to reveal its whereabouts. It’s believed to probably have ended up a snack for a stray. The courts awarded the wife a 10-year jail term.


Piyush Bakshi

Piyush Bakshi

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