Have you heard of the word “poo ball”? Sounds disgusting, right?

According to Urban Dictionary, “It is a small ball of toilet paper covered in poo that is caught in the hair around your butt.”

But did you know that in India, you can play with “Poo & Balls”?

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It is not, however, the aforementioned type of poo ball. Poo & Balls is actually a toy for kids age one and up that contains little Pooh lookalike bears and balls that spin around.

There are also exciting sound effects that play while the Pooh bears and balls turn.

If you don’t want your child to play with Poo & Balls, though, you can actually choose from other Push N’ Spin toys that include balls, clowns, ducks, Mr. Bear, Kitty & Balls, or a turbo train.