Why? Because there’s no udder milk like breast milk. Because breast milk is udderly delicious, and because this is so kinky.

Not that adults consuming breast milk is a novelty. Women in Mongolian families stock refrigerators with breast milk for any family member that wants a quick healthy snack. Convalescing Chinese treat themselves to breast milk.

japanese breast milk bar

But what we have here in Tokyo’s Kabukicho District are lactation bars that have nursing mothers filling shot glasses with breast milk in front of your eyes.

A shot costs 2,000 yen, whereas if you want it straight from the nipple, be prepared to shell out 5,000 yen. For that amount, the ladies will also run their fingers through your hair, coo and say your name as they suckle you.

Bonyu Bar is one such bar in Kabukicho. It employs three nursing women, all under the age of 30 and willing to let you taste their mammary secretions.

The Japanese, it seems, are connoisseurs of breast milk and prefer to sample in shot glasses before heading for the tap, er, nipple.

So if you ever happen to be in Tokyo and are feeling health-conscious and bored of your regular tipple, you know where to head. It’s okay to let your inner baby out once in a while. Just make sure your wife doesn’t find out.


Piyush Bakshi

Piyush Bakshi

A full-time freelance writer, Piyush enjoys writing on popular culture and Internet marketing. When not writing, he prefers spending time with family, and trekking.