If you’ve got money and are looking for a novel way to indulge yourself, check out what an Indian optometrist, Dr. Chandrashekhar Chawan, has to offer. He has created the most expensive and exotic pair of contact lenses you may have heard of.


Yes, these beat the ones that had Swarovski crystals in them. The good doctor has come up with gold contact lenses, each encrusted with 18 diamonds. And a pair costs only $15,000. You get to choose between yellow and white gold.

The diamonds are approximately 6 mm from the cornea to ensure that it is not irritated and gets its supply of oxygen. Only 3,996 pairs of these very special lenses are available. So if you think this is one way to have all eyes on you, then go ahead.

Dr. Chawan states that the purchase can be seen as a family heirloom and an investment.

If I could afford a pair, I would love to leave behind one pair as a surprise for my grandchildren.

Not surprisingly, the offering has received mixed reactions. The Bohemian lot from the Indian film industry has loved it, while there are some who find the irises a little ghoulish.

I feel these lenses would serve as ideal accessories with this gold shirt.

Proceeds from the sales will go entirely toward funding the treatment of patients suffering from Stevens Johnson syndrome.


Piyush Bakshi

Piyush Bakshi

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