Now, this surely is a big stink, so make sure you’re not eating while reading this. Shops and passersby in Hechi, China were in for a nasty surprise when an overfilled septic tanker suddenly burst, sending a stream of sludge across the street that literally painted the town brown.


Bystanders soon gathered to check out what had happened. At first, many thought there had been a car accident nearby, but the stench then hit their noses. Many of the surrounding establishments were affected as fecal matter spread throughout the vicinity, covering just about everything with its appetite-ruining aroma.

One of the business owners in the area had the bad fortune of having his whole shop and all of his wares covered in liquid poo, which prompted him to shut down for a whole week to clean up the mess. Shoppers and bystanders were also affected, with those in the area of the poo blast getting covered with at least 20 showers’ worth of filth, while those outside the radius had to endure only the smell.

It looks as if any sort of compensation for the mishap is unlikely as the manufacturer of the truck and the waste firm are pointing fingers at each other. A spokesman for the waste firm stated that the incident was due to a technical fault with the vehicle, and those who were affected should seek compensation from his firm, while the manufacturer claims that such catastrophic failures occur due only to poor maintenance and to lack of adherence to standard operating procedures.

As both companies are throwing dirt at each other, the image of the street covered in excrement and the resulting smell may not leave the minds of those affected anytime soon.


Sonny Go
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