If for some reason you always thought of grandmothers as wimps (it’s great to know that most of you don’t), this heartwarming story will likely wipe away your ageist, sexist views. Plus, it’s the motivation you need to be the best you can be in 2015. No excuses.

chinese grandmum skydiving

Some good news from the popular Hubei province in China, this is. An 81-year-old grandmother soared to dizzying heights to break an Asian record early this month, flying around where few young, strong adults fear to tread.

While most women her age would supposedly be retired and “sat in a rundown hut, drinking tea and waiting to die” (according to Shinja in the cult wargame “Battle Realms,”) Min Deyu determined to “break the Internet.”

She did just that, becoming an instant hit in her homeland of central China and all over the digitosphere after photographs emerged of her smiling and apparently unafraid seconds before skydiving from 11,000 feet alongside an instructor in sunny Australia.

Ms. Min had gone to visit her sportive son in the southern continent and had a few goes at his extreme hobby of skydiving, falling in love with it in the process.

Chinese media reported that she “fell in love with parachuting.”

While pulling this particular stunt, the intrepid Rambo mom was assisted by a only selfie-snapping professional parachutist, a harness securing the both of them in a tight tandem lock.

However, she cannot lay claim to the title of the world’s oldest female skydiver. That title was taken by Aida Mendes, a 103-year-old woman from Brazil who reportedly completed a tandem jump in August 2013. That said, she is Asia’s oldest female skydiver, and likely channeled the steely Mrs. Mendes, her attitude to life captured in these words just after the record-making jump: “In life, you have to be brave; courage is always useful.”

Definitely one for the bucket lists, all of you.


Albert Alou

Albert Alou

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