Whether Korean artist Dongwook Lee’s sculptures are thought-provoking or titillatingly disturbing is a matter of debate. One cool thing with art is the kind of license it gives its practitioners. Be it abstract art or work of this kind, you really can express what’s in the depth of your being and force others to look inward.

dongwook lee art

Lee’s miniatures are invariably human nudes that wouldn’t be out of place on the sets of a horror movie. The shock value of the bleak sculptures notwithstanding, the work does have a certain level of delicateness to it.

The Mongoloid features of the characters indicate that the artist tries to infuse a local perspective into his work. This said, Lee has held exhibitions all over the world, including cities such as London, Copenhagen, Buenos Aires and Santiago.

dongwook lee sculpture

Wonder what people from different cultures make of a boy standing holding his innards, a knife handle made up of human bodies, or a pregnant mermaid in a fishbowl?


We leave the final word for the Arario Gallery that represents Lee: “His oeuvre stands at an odd intersection of life and death, beauty and cruelty, civilization and wild, and reality and fantasy, unfolding a world of fantasy where people are severed from reality.”


Piyush Bakshi

Piyush Bakshi

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