The PiaPia restaurant in Tokyo has put up a sign on the restaurant window, which when translated into English reads, “We will be refusing entry to all couples on Dec 24, with no exceptions!”

Takashi Kyozuka, an employee, defends the establishment’s love for only the lonely by stating that watching happy couples exchange sweet nothings in the restaurant would hurt the feelings of single men and women, and that “if you are single on Christmas Eve, then it’s easy to get down.”

You can get an idea of what the Japanese text says by taking a look at the picture.

Japanese restaurant no couples christmas eve

Not just its patrons, the restaurant feels that the sight of happy couples “would cause severe emotional trauma to members of our staff.” Yes, severe emotional trauma! And that from seeing another person happy.

Some might call this sensitivity a bit extreme or even warped, but some good could come out of it. Singles ready to mingle may find their mates here and could well turn into loyal patrons of the establishment. And it should help build Tokyo’s reputation as a singles-friendly city.

Apparently someone mooted the thought as a joke, but it quickly gathered strength like an idea whose time has come.

Maybe there’s something here for social anthropologists to study. These days, the Japanese are choosing to marry late and are having fewer children.


Piyush Bakshi

Piyush Bakshi

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