South Korea is all set to erect a 30-foot Christmas tree on its border with North Korea, apparently to pray for peace in the region.

Starting December 23rd, the tree will stay in place for a fortnight, after which it will be dismantled.

While there is no news of any reaction from Pyongyang, there is little doubt that the atheist state will not look too kindly upon this move by its southern neighbor.

South Korea Kwangha Island Christmas Tower

The two Koreas have been in a state of war since armistice was declared in 1953 to bring the hostilities of the Korean War to a halt.

And for the North Korean regime, this move is sure to bring back memories of the 65-foot tower that the South Koreans had set up in 1971 and later converted into a Christmas tree. The north had claimed that the tower was a “provocative display of psychological warfare.”


Practicing religion is not without its risks in the north, and celebrating Christmas can land one in jail, or worse.

And the last thing that a North Korean wants is to get caught with leaflets containing Biblical verses, which the south airdrops every now and then, or to be caught admiring a giant Christmas tree on the other side of the border.


Piyush Bakshi

Piyush Bakshi

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